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Hey there! I'm JB Uy

Full-stack web development

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What i do

Front End Web Development

I can jumble around CSS, Javascript and HTML to do stuff in your web browser.

Backend Development

I prefer to wrestle with Python on the backend with Flask, and serve them up with nginx.

Need To Find Me?

Find me on: LinkedIn, Twitter or just send an email to jabeuy on gmail.

Some Things I've Built

InStaff is a web based employee portal, built to sync with a company's backend accounting and payroll systems (currently Sage 300 ERP Payroll).

InStaff gives a company and their employees a central hub online, InStaff is: the place to post company-wide announcements, a way for employees to view their pay history, a place where employees can find the latest company documents/manuals/policies/procedures, a company directory

Notedock is your team's virtual library. You can use it as a central hub for everything you and your team are working on.

I use Notedock to store project notes, code snippets and explanations (when comments aren't enough), book notes and interesting links.

Check out my public notes!

Jots is a super simple, online logbook.

What is Jots for? I use it to log what I do for work, as an exercise log, to jot down random ideas, and as a maintenance log for my reef tank.

GetRmd is a solution for automated appointment reminders (via email and/or SMS).

This is perfect for professionals in service industries, where a client forgetting an appointment can cost big bucks.

Unfortunately, GetRmd is taking a break right now.

ClipChoose allows you to create YouTube video polls.